CHICAGO : Mona Bhalla, a well­known singer, both in India and the US, and Mrs. India Illinois 2015, released her debut music video, “Kudi Bindaas”, with a big bang on her birthday. A large number of music lovers, including prominent community leaders, from different walks of life, attended the event. The video, with cinematography by Tyler, Music by Suniel and Zohaib, lyrics by Zohaib and Thakur, has been produced by ASC. The video, which has its own original story line, meaningful lyrics, and scintillating music, appeals to both youngsters and seniors alike. The video includes, in addition to prominent leaders, actors, and supporters, a few of Mona’s family and friends who have dreams they are trying to fulfill.

At the launch event, Mona performed, along with her three beautiful daughters, Manpreet Bhalla, Simran Bhalla, and Kiran Bhalla. The exciting dance performance literally set the stage on fire. The audience swayed to the magical beats of the music band. Quite a few of them gave in to the musical mood of the evening, joined Mona on the stage, matched her dancing skills, step for step, and provided a great foot tapping time for one and all.
“The video, which has been shot at a number of picturesque locations, with beautiful girls and handsome boys dancing to the catchy tune, is a captivating treat to both eyes and ears”, said Tyler.
“Mona’s youthful voice, which comes as a breath of fresh air, and her electrifying performance, infuse the video with enough energy not only to force the listeners into tapping their feet but also to get up and dance. Kudi Bindaas is, therefore, not a one­-time watch; it has got a huge repeat value”, said Zohaib.

“Kudi Bindaas” means a girl who does not worry about trivial things. She, instead, focuses on living life to the fullest and helping others. This is the personality profile of Mona and I want all girls to chase their dreams as she did”, said Fahad, CEO, ASC. Music Should Not be for the Sake of Music: Mona opines that music for the sake of music alone is devoid of soul and substance. “When coupled with a message, which addresses a pressing social issue, it proves to be a double delight for the heart and soul of listeners and creates a lasting impact on them”, Mona added. “Unlike run ­of ­the ­mill videos, which focus solely on singing and dancing, Kudi Bindaas is aimed at not only providing huge entertainment but also spreading awareness about issues that have been adversely affecting the lives of women, across the globe, such as rape, domestic abuse, save a girl­child, etc.”, Mona said. “A music video, which has got the potential to go viral on the internet, is a powerful tool for creating such awareness”, she added.

“The response to the video has been tremendous and listeners are not only enjoying the music but also appreciating the message behind it”, Mona said with a sense of accomplishment.
“The video is not the end of the road for me; I plan to take this initiative to its logical conclusion by establishing a Foundation, equipped with the requisite human, physical, and financial resources, in order to spread the message as extensively as possible and to make a real difference to society by alleviating the lot of victims of discrimination against women”, said Mona while explaining her future plans. “I will continue to volunteer and be part of different organizations with a view to not only enriching the cultural fabric of the society but also creating wider awareness about all socially relevant issues, especially those that relate to women”, Mona added.

“Being a married woman, with multifarious responsibilities of running the household, pursuing my passion for music was a challenging task”, Mona said. However, Mona gives full credit to her family, which has been honored this year as the model family by Asian Chronicle, USA, for their encouragement at different stages of the conceptualization and execution of the music video. “Performing in music concerts, at frequent intervals, involving, many a time, extensive travel, calls for multiple sacrifices on the home front. And touching the commanding heights of music would not have possible without the proactive support of my husband, Manjeet Singh Bhalla and daughters”, said Mona with a sense of gratitude.

“Men can play a significant role in empowering women in entering the world of work, achieving the cherished goals related to their careers, contributing their mite to the process of creating wealth, and living life queen­size”, opined Mona. Mona called upon men to extend all possible help to women folk in order to ensure that they succeed in realizing their inherent potential to the fullest extent, which brings in its wake multiple beneficial outcomes not only for the family but also for the society at large.

Trained in classical music and a graduate in Microbiology, Mona Bhalla started performing on stage at a tender age of five. Mona was one of the few newlywed brides who actually sang and performed at her own marriage receptions, both in India and the US. She is truly a rising star and is destined to go far and win the hearts of millions all over the globe!